Pizza Cutters Are Back

Chicago Connection is now offering pizza cutters. In the beginning, Chicago Connection would serve all our pizzas uncut. Delivering uncut pizza is a Chicago tradition born out of practicality. A deep dish pizza fresh out of the oven, loaded with melted, gooey cheese, flavorful sauce, and fresh toppings and placed in a pizza box can become quite messy after being cut and may take a new form in a square box. For many years we included a small plastic cutter with large orders for convenience and a memorable experience. Cutting into a deep dish pizza at the last possible moment ,when you are ready to devour it, ensures a firm crust, and melty mozzarella cheese and flavorful toppings stay on the pie and not stick to other slices nor stick to the pizza box. Of course, we let our customers choose if they want their pizza cut or uncut, but we do everything in our power to persuade customers that choosing "uncut" for carry out and delivery orders is the best for maximum enjoyment. Chicago Connection is now offering a new design, larger and easy-to-clean pizza cutter. Our pizza cutter is an essential kitchen item that every deep dish pizza eater should have. And cutting your pizza, that was just delivered hot and fresh to your door in a hot oven truck, at the last possible second completes a memorable Chicago Connection experience. Whether you buy a pizza cutter from us, or you have one already, or you use a knife, fork, or chopsticks, we promise you will love your Chicago Connection pizza even more if you order it uncut for delivery and carry out.