First with "Hot Oven Trucks" for Pizza Delivery in Idaho in 1982...and still improving them.

Chicago Connection Pizza is a mom and pop pizza shop founded in Boise, Idaho in 1982. (It is not a franchise and has no franchisees.) This pizza start-up was an innovator with a "hot" pizza delivery system to this part of the U.S. almost 35 years ago. It was also the designer of its proprietary, hot oven system installed in all of its fleet of company-owned "pup" pickup trucks. The initial system utilized a unique propane gas, heating system to delivery "hot" pizza to homes, business. Chicago Connection's delivery approach was ahead of all the national pizza brands for many decades. Competitors have introduced pizza delivery service over the years but they have relied on employee-owned cars and maybe insulated bags for keeping their pizza "warm." Often customer's pizza in personal cars may be subject to cigarette smoke, odors within personal vehicles, cooling air conditioning, etc. Chicago Connection believes a hot oven equipped delivery vehicle is the best way to get a delicious deep dish pizza to your home or workplace and have it hot like it was just in a stone deck pizza oven. Our original slogan "the better pizza" motivated us to innovate a "deep dish pizza" and our signature "lasagna pie" with premium ingredients, lots of cheese, zesty sauces, fresh dough made daily. But having a hot oven delivery ensures that ours is the "the better pizza" for you at your home or work. Hot oven delivery has been a staple of Chicago Connection since our beginning in Idaho in 1982. We stayed focus on the customer experience and combined many innovative ideas for "the better hot oven" for pizza delivery. For more than 30 years, we have refined our hot oven transportation system. We have done research and experimented to make better hot oven delivery systems with our limited resources as a "mom and pop" restaurant. We have evolved our heating sources from an open flame, propane system (1980's), to a hot water system (1990's), to a tandem electric system (2000's). We designed a larger delivery oven to hold 56 large pizzas for school lunch deliveries and 224 individual pies for Boise State University football stadium home games. Chicago Connection's first vehicles were company-owned Isuzu pup pickups, to larger capacity Ford Ranger trucks, and now new hybrids and high mpg vehicles with contemporary safety and comfort features. At every step of our evolution, we aimed for better driver safety and comfort but more for better hot pizza for every delivery. Every store has a small fleet of company-owned vehicles and every Chicago Connection delivery order is suppose to travel in a company-owned vehicle equipped with an on board oven. Our delivery ovens are designed to hold hot food at or above our local health department's holding temperature guidelines. We welcome your ideas for us to improve "the better pizza" and the "better hot oven for pizza delivery." If you ever see a competitor's advertisement that says they are changing delivery with a warming oven in their car, think about how Chicago Connection, a local Southwest Idaho pizza operator has been improving on hot oven delivery for almost 35 years...and still trying new ideas. Maybe in the future Chicago Connection will develop the first "hot oven drone for pizza delivery"...just saying. We want to remain innovative and to maintain serving "the better pizza" experience to our customers in Idaho.